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Filler Bunny's Page of Eternal Pain

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  2006.02.10  10.13
Dada is Dead.

So I set out to shock and amuse people today with my greatest work of Dada to date. Before I came to school this morning I stopped by Eriq's and he painted "this is not a mustache" on my upper lip in eyeliner. So far people are really just freaking me out. When I first came in I met my ARD Professor on the way to class, and I grinned and we chatted about it. Since then, nothing. I finally got something when I offered research help to the guy next to me in the computer lab a minute ago, but for a good hour and a half there people were taking me dead seriously. We're talking small group exercises in ADR, small talk with a guy I lent a few books to, walking boldly through the forum, that kind of thing. No one has so much as cracked a smile at me.

Now is this because you really don't know what to say to someone who has "this is not a mustache" tatooed on her upper lip? One would think it worthy of comment. It's almost as though this is nothing out of the ordinary. It's kind of freaking me out. I suppose that the day is young though. And when I think about it, it is true that this is not your average small talk.

I expect a pretty good reaction from my mother at least when she gets here. She is coming to take me out to lunch, admittedly because, well, she's going to be in Albuquerque over the lunch hour to gueat teach Em's water law class, but also to celebrate the fact that I got into library school! Pitt at least. So I am definitly slated to hit the books next year, which makes me very, very happy. I was bought a couple of celebratory rounds at karaoke last night, where, incidently one or my professors was also singing, so I'm still flying a little high.

Also, on a side note, for the moment I have exactly the same number of karaoke songs as I do movies, 816. This amuses me almost to no end. Almost as much as my non-mustache.

Mood: Dada-y (that or mustache-y)

  2005.12.06  12.02
Testing, 1, 2, 3

Get it--it's a Barenaked Ladies song title! At any rate, this is mostly to see if this is how I get my letter to Santa.

Lindsay and I are settling in, that's all good. Heeding Eriq's cry for help I sent him a present. And, I've just been invited to a study group for the exam I'm taking tomorrow, so I' cut this off here.



Mood: chipper

  2005.12.05  09.58
Once again work avoidance sets in and makes my update.

My apartment is also very clean. This happens to me every year. I don't want to do my real work, so I do other work. The sad thing is that I really have nothing at all to say, I just would rather be doing this than the paper that I so desperatly need to be doing. You know, for a 20 pager I usually have some research done by now, but not this time. I really need to get started. And then I need to be ready for my family law exam. Fun. I doubt that this will stop me from going to see Aeon Flux today though.

Not only that, but I have appearently reached a new low for things like organization. It took me quite literally 20 minutes to find my glasses this morning, a new record. Now normally losing glasses is just part of being Cindy, but I'd say five minutes is tops for finding them again. This morning I made about 15 circuits of my house, with increasing swearing, and tore apaer my couch and such. Not an ideal start to the day.

But I really feel that I should find something interesting to say, and I know that the above doesn't qualify. I think, then, that I will just start making stuff up. You know, juicy gossip.

So what's going on in my life? Well, Lindsay and I finally gave in to our forbidden love, and we're moving to Massachusets to seal it and stalk Randy Milholland in a week. Jonathan, bereft of his love, has moved, with Eriq and Eddie deep into the heart of the Himilayas to start a chartible refuge for violent video games and disillusioned middle of the road conservatives. Sarah has dropped French, citing the languave as too "French" and taken up an in depth study of great lituature in Pig Latin, a.k.a. the language of the birds. She is currently translating the Koran from the original Pig Latin with the help of a 1/50th scale model of the Rosetta stone. Kathy and John got involved in a Clancy-esque tale of intrigue and deception, and don't know whom to trust, though they still, and trust me, this will be the distruction of one of them, trust one another. Deborah was last seen playing the piano in Vegas sometime in the '60s. Michelle passed on last week, but she has returned as a mischief loving ghost--and many wacky hijinx have ensued for Neil. Jesse has turned to the dark arts--that is modern art. He now only fingerpaints solid blocks of color.

So that's my life at the moment, as well as everyone elses. If you want to know more you should check out all of their live journals. I'm sure that they will back me up in what's going on in their lives.

Mood: lethargic

  2005.11.25  15.47
Kids Are All The Same

So I went shopping with my Dad today to Ikea, looking for stuff for the new flat in Switzerland. I wanted to pick my day bed, but other than that I was sort of along for the ride. At one point, in the office section, my Dad whipped out his computer and began doing something important on it. I sat down at one of the desks, you know, with the fake computer, a keyboard with no letters written on it and an old moniter with a picture of the Ikea homepage glued onto it. At first I amused myself by typing things on the fake keyboard. I'm not much of a typist, so it really was a little bit of interest, remembering where the keys were and such. This quickly degenerated into pretending that I could type really, really fast and just hitting a lot of buttons rapidly and enjoying the clicking sounds. The best part came, however, when I looked over at the desh and fake computer just up from mine and noticed a much younger child doing the exact same thing. He was much better at it than I was, though, he clearly could type about a *zillion* words per minute, whereas I'm sure that I wasn't doing much over a billion.

At any rate, it made me smile to know that I am still a kid at heart. I know that I act immature all around, but I think that it's a special kind of immature when it doesn't involve any jokes about, oh, say, boobies. I'm glad that that's still in me.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving all!

Mood: pleased

  2005.11.01  10.39
It's been a long while.

And I do think that that is because my most avid reader is now there to give updates in casual conversation every day. But I don't want to forget my other, occasional readers.

So, happy All Hallow's Eve. For those as don't know I went as Darth Vader and killed Eriq with my brain at least a dozen times. That was fun. Then I saw Saw II (and am today wearing a t-shirt advertising the movie that Eriq got for letting them such fluids out of his body.) and then I went down to Santa Fe and watched several episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" with Leonard. That was neat. It turns out that ol' Alfred might well be one of the most charming people ever. And I loved it how he worked the commercials into the story--"As you can see, crime does not pay, that's why you need sponsers, like these..." It was also good to see my brother. He's had the weird brain thing going on, and I worry. But he's fine. He went as an egg. Plus I think that Halloween is kind of Leonard's and my holiday--I've spent the last several with hims, mostly so that I can still continue to trick-or-treat at my advanced age.

Dad came for a visit a while ago, and that was fun. It was the first time that he'd seen my current apartment--I really can't say that it's new anymore as I've been there for over a year, but I still am tempted to call it that. It was nice to have him here. I will see him at Thanksgiving, and then again for Christmas, but during that visit I will be helping him move to Switzerland. That'll be something of a change. I've got a serious chocolate supply though.

And I'm taking the MPRE on Friday. That should be fun.

Finally my last thing is that I have a date on Friday. I have many thoughts on this, but I think that I will do it in a locked post. So stay tuned, all.

Mood: mellow

  2005.10.04  11.47
Another retraction.

So I got a call from the chick who backed into me. Se was very nice, and told me that she had sent a check to Maaco for me. I couldn't believe it. Faith in humanity reaffirmed.

Of course since then I remembered that Maaco doesn't take personal checks, but I'm going to go down there tomorrow with Karole and see if we can work something out.

The point is that people really are usually good, this woman included. I'm totally going to send her a thank you note when all this is over.

Also, I'm joining the mainstream. It looks like I'm going to have a couple people over to watch "Desperate Housewives" on Wednesday. That should be fun.

Mood: groovy

  2005.09.30  10.59
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

I's loves my new Bloodhound Gang CD already. I's loves it goooooooooooood. Jimmy Pop really is one of the wittiest people alive, I think. Not smart, I think we've all agreed on that after seeing the movie, but painfully clever. And cute, he's got the Robbie Williams thing where he can make me giggle with just the right little eyebrow raise or smile. Plus, he uses his powers for awesome. I approve.

Finally, Jimmy Pop has been the direct cause of me increasing my collection og answering messages that I will never delete. There are several from Gus, one from my Aunt down as Galvaston recording the ocean for me, and I may save that one from Renee calling her client a whore, because it was very funny, but I have now added a long rendition of Eriq singing Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss. It amuses me. On another singing related note, I owe Eriq a dollar for singing "I Feel Pretty" at karaoke last night. It made me happy.

So, in other news, I slept through my first class today. I made it a whole month with out missing a class, but now that is over. I guess that there is a reason why I like my car, not that I could have made the class anyway. And I will probablly be getting a new car, for those as don't know my Dad is moving to Switzerland. That should be interesting. I'm gonna see if I can score me a Cucoo clock sometime in the next three years while he's there. Plus, it looks like I will be scoring his car--Nici Pryus. I will miss my pretty Paglia though.

On Polly, I think that what happened with the lady who hit my car will always haunt me. Brief run-down--she dented my hood, said that she'd pay, I called her a couple times, and she was very nice about it, then I went out of town, and started school, and didn't call her for a month. When I did, she was furious. I sropped off the estimates for the car the next day, with a note saying that I leave it in her hands, and then felt literally sick with guilt over not having called her for so long. She hasn't called me, and I won't call her, a cosmetic thing about my car isn't woth how horrible I felt for so long. I still get a nasty feeling in the pit of my tummy whenever I drive past her house, which is often. I feel horribly about taking so long. I feel guilty about not calling her back, when I probably should. I am angry that she was so nasty, and that she made me feel so horrible. I know that it was a lot of money ofer a tiny thing, and if she had been nice about that fact I might have felt better. I feel horroble just writing abotu it right now. I have learned my lesson about these things, I will get a police report over anything now, I swear. Le sigh.

Mood: drained

  2005.09.06  10.34
This house is clean....

I love Eriq. I really do. I was very sad when he moved on. I will miss him lots. I'm very lonely now. On the other hand, though, my house is CLEAN. I cannot tell you how very, very happy this makes me. I cleaned my house, and then I went for a swim. I went for a swim, and you know what, I got to the pool by walking out the back door. I'd forgetten that I even had a back door, buried, as it was, completely by Eriq's stuff. Yes, I am indeed next to godliness I am so clean. Now, while I am alone, I am alone in a nice, clean place again, so I think that it is a pretty even trade. Plus, I get to sleep in the buff again, which puts it over the top as a good deal. And finally, I wasn't even through with my swim when Eriq showed up, so I haven't really gotten rid of him. So I think that this is all good.

On the other hand, I have to do my own dishes again. But at least now, what's on my dishes will all be identifiable. Huzzah!

That, and I think that my liver will thank me too. Something about living with a good friend encourages you to get plastered and watch violent movies every night. That can be a little wearing. I'm thinking that I'm only really up for doing that about 6 nights a week.....

Oh, and as many already know, Eddie has a freain' sweet apartment. But that doesn't change the fact that Garden State is not lighthearted and funny. You hobags. You know who you are.

Mood: Clean!

  2005.08.29  09.03
So, I haven't written in a while.

I been busy though. After Dallas I have a day or two at home, then off on a fabu road trip to Pittsburgh, then straight from Pisstburgh to the Twin Cities, and then home the day before school started. Then, well, school started. I've already dropped a class, but I think that six was too much anyway. But I'm down with the sex and the law. Our first reading was excerpts from the Bible, from the Code of Hammurabi, a landmark case on the actual proscution of sodomy in the US, a packet on prostution in acient Mesopotamia, one on straight sex there, and one on sex in acient Egypt, complete with naughty hiroglyphics. THis is a good course. Our second reading has included the dialogues of Plato (I was reading Symposium and joked that I needed some wine and Eriq actually went out and got some for me.) Juvenal (that was a trip. remember kids, if you are not your fathers son your mom will love you and pass you off in the finest houses, but if you are actually legitimate, watch out, for she is almost sure to posion you.) and Augistine. Much fun. First Amendment Rights also looks fun. Especially since there is this one guy in there that I have just been itching for a fight with. Unfortunatly he was not all that talkative in the first class, but it's all good, I'm sure that I'll say something encitful enough. And I like the was that that sounds, you'd think that I was saying "insightful." He did, after class, talk about how Ward Churchill is a fraud and no body listens to Pat Robertson anyway, and I was amused because that it pretty much word for word what I might have expected him to say. He-he. He's also the Lexis rep. I think that he's my arch-nemises, which is good, because I was in the market.

Other than that--ALR is good. Family law is fun, and I suspect that I will live through federal public lands somehow. Oh, and I have found my calling in life. I'm going to be a Philo jockey. I hope that I spelled that right.....

Mood: optimistic

  2005.08.06  07.24
It's 12:30 AM--do you know where your Cindy is?

If not I'll tell you. I'm in Dallas. And I'm freakin' hungry. After a lovely little bomb threat at the Dallas airport my flight got in at about 9:30. It took me until 11:30 to get to the hotel. The good news is that I've got a private hotel room, I don't know why, possibly because of my connections with West. The bad news is that everything is close or far away and I've had a bag of mini-pretzels for breakfast. Not cool. But I don't know what to do! I think that my choices are go to bed and wolf down breakfast like there's no tomorrow or go buy an outrageously priced coke and drink down those sweet, sweet calories.

I'm thinkin' that if my coke fix wasn't a vending machine I'd go all 'Falling Down' on his ass. Le sigh. I suppose that since they are making us get up at an ungodly hour I should just wait for breakfast.

On another note I've been having very odd dreams. I had one involving Lindsay, a middle school friend and a few other people that I can't remember, and woke up wanting to put it on my LJ. When I went to do that I found that I couldn't sign on before the computer made my fight pirates in a video game. Dream within a dream. It was trippy.

Well, I'm going to go sleep in the buff in my king-sized bed since I got the private room. Caio, all!

Mood: hungry

  2005.07.26  15.40
So this is how clinic goes...


I think that I need a good stiff drink when all this is over.

Mood: busy

  2005.07.22  13.41
Well, that was a bit of an anticlimax.

So it looks like I'm going to be stuck at clinic for another two weeks. No vacation for Cindy at all before a million peole decend on me. See, I got this case. Last week. It was supposed to go to trial two days after I got it, but fortunatly we got a continuance until today. For the past several days, despite the fact that this is supposed to be the end of clinic and I should be working on transfering other cases, I have lived this one case. I put in about a 13 hour day yesterday, from 8AM to 9PM, I went home once for 15min because I was having a nervous breakdown and I needed to get my pills.

Since I got it, this has morphed into a case in which I have another student working with me. I do have to give a little shout out to him--he's been specatular. Very encouraging, very supportative, sent me home when I started to cry, told me things could wait for me, and gave me at least three high-fives yesterday. And a hug or two. I do suppose that his being there is a reflection of the fact that my Prof. is not sure I can do it, but that's ok, I really prefer it. And besides, timewise, I think that he amy be correct. I did have the enormous satisfaction of, after hours and hours and hours of drilling me on my questioning, which still sucks but slightly less so, I whipped up in five minutes an opening statement that was gratifying in the surprise it got from my professor, and the lack of surprise from my co-council. (My. professor sumed it up--"Ok, so you're good at openings.") All this came to naught--though--my extensive writing and rewriting of the motions, the hour sspend on questions, and the brilliant opening statement, when we were pretty much thrown out of court. The judge told us the otherside that they had given improper notice, which they had, but when my co-counsel took a gamble and showed the judge a document the interpretation of which is our entire case the judge declined to rule, but told up that a first reading looked bad for us. Not good. I said a total of three words during the trial--'No, your Honor.' Unless, of course, you count 'Sit down, Jerome!' Which was a message I delivered to co-counsel from my Professor. They are both ok with how things turned out, I am a little more disheartened, not the least of which is because I'm stuck working on this for another couple weeks. Can't break out the champagne just yet. Le sigh. I will take it as a good sign, though, as far as the professor that I have some issues with is concerned, that he asked me to give my opening to the class. I gotta say, at least a little showing off helped a little.

But I need to go home and sleep. I was working so late last night, and then Jerome told me that since he knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep anyway, I really needed to see A Few Good Men before the trial. Caio, all!

And I am glad that it is over.

Mood: relieved

  2005.07.05  16.16
Y'all are very unhelpful.

Seriously, not a comment. No advice. I did it on another blog too, and all that I got there was advice to make sure that he wasn't a serial killer, which, incidentally, I shoud say is a possibility that I already considered. At any rate, I hung out with him again, but I'm going to try and stop analyzing it. Too tiring.

I think that I may owe an apology to my clinic professor. I think that maybe it's not that he doesn't like women, it's that he doesn't like shy people. Renee got so fed up with the whole thing that she just stopped caring, and just says whatever she wants to him, and he seems to be warming up to her. It doesn't do me any good--I'm pretty timid by nature in these situations, but it makes me feel slightly better about the whole thing, though sorry that I maligned him. I don't know. I still hate clinic. I don't think that I have it in me to be sassy to him. Oh well.

Mood: tired

  2005.06.28  16.02
Back In Black

Or blue, as the case may be. It's been years since I've updated, I know, I'm sorry. There is just so freakin' much to do! That and I'm lazy.

I hate clinic. I think that my professor is sexist, though I'm not usualy one to say stuff like that. He has favorites, all male, with whom he bullshits about sports, and the rest of us are practically afraid to talk to him. I feel like he feels that I have nothing to offer. I will write a letter to a client, and go to get it approved, and he'll rewrite it for me. Not even tell me what's wrong, just tell me exactly what to say. I kind of resent that. He's not even going to let me try.

So that's fun. I have closed a case, and I've got another really big one that I'm closing in the next week, that's pretty exciting. And I've got a file review tomorrow, which I live in fear of. Fun.

But other than that, and some frusturation with the Library research pool (I never know what exactly I'm supposed to be doing, I feel like my objectives keep changing, but I seem to be doing whatever right, so I can't complain all that much.) I am doing well. I spent the whole weekend reading about serial killers, that sorta fucked me up for a while. I've had a crush on this guy, who is driving me absolutly crazy between buying me drinks and not returning my phone calls. And the weirdness has started me down the road of playing games, which I hate. I don't like not doing what I would normally do. On the other hand, if he's really never answering or returning my calls then I have to acknowledge that it's a little stalkery to keep calling. So I've been told that I have to wait until he calls me or else I'll seem too eager. At least this is what I've been told. Suggestions?

Other than that life goes on. Tonight is bridge practice with Shelby and then horror movie night, which should be fun. And last time we played bridge we didn't come in dead last, so I'm psyched for this next time tomorrow. Maybe we'll be up to third to last!

I know that I should mention something about Kathy's tragedy. I really don't know what to say, though. I was out of it for a long time after I heard. I still don't know how to respond. Kathy, if you read, I love you and am praying for both you and them. I'm so sorry.

Mood: busy

  2005.05.31  16.57
Today, I am a lawyer.

Actually it was like two weeks ago that I became a lawyer. I'm working in the UNM Law Clinic providing legal services to people who cannot otherwise afford it. Very exciting. I've spent most of my time torn between excrutiating boardom and abject terror. Today I actually had stuff to do that wouldn't kill anyone if I screwed it up--yay me! Though I did have a meeting with my Professor at nine. I was stressing about it, and he didn't show. At nine forty, he casually breezes into the office and says he's ready for me. At ten ten he curtously asks me about the subject matter of the class that I am missing. I find this irksome.

I'm also working two other jobs. West, of course--that's what I'm doing now, and what it woudl be nice if it were the only thing that I were doing. The other job, which is halving my time working for West and pays less, is working for a library research pool and looks like it will actually take some serious effort. I start tomorrow. Le sigh. I guess that I will be getting valueable expirence and resmue pretties.

Overall, though, I'm working over forty hours a week. My pool is open, but it doesn't do me a lot of good when I'm at work from 8-6 four days a week. (8-1:30 on Fridays.) I guess that it's nice that I don't have any homework, but really, I've acted like that was true all along. Ron tells me that he senses that I'm the type who likes to be busy. I love him, really I do, but what crack has he been smoking?

Finally, there was the wedding. It was beautiful. I go no sleep for a week. And I got stuck with all the clean-up. I currently have a wedding dress. And two bouquets. And my weight in conversation hearts prettily tied up in multi-colored gauze. And a marriage certificate that I have to file (on Friday, it's the only day that I have time in which the county clerk is open and I'm not working). So that's fun.

On the plus side, the pool is open, the days are long so I might take advantage of that, I've plans to sing karaoke on Thursday (pray that the don't fall through) and my friend David is willing to let me show him 'Saw' this week. So life is not horrible. Just exausting.

Mood: exhausted

  2005.05.13  22.34
I've got a new watch!

So, all my papers and exams over, here I am kickin' in in Switzerland. And I now have a very nice Swiss watch. We're talkin' diamond encrusted. I'm updating only partially because I love y'all--there is also nothing better to do. Well, that's not quite true, but check this out, the Swiss like it so quite at night that they don't want you flushing the toilet after ten PM. Dad tells me that it's even not advised for men to pee standing up, the tinkles will be too loud, so watching a movie horrified him as an idea for how to spend the evening. Today we went shopping, like I said a new watch, and I got it on the Bahnhoff Strasse, one of the most chi-chi shopping centers in the world. I also get a pair of earrings--there is a Clair's on the Bahnhoff Strasse. Got a CD too, and a deck of naughty playing cards. Life is good.

Zurich is very beautiful, of course. It's all on hills, so Thalwil (pronounces Ta-wheel) the suburb where my Dad lives, almost puts San Francisco to shame, but the viesa are probably worth the hurty feet. Oh, and there is an Alp or two here as well. I've only actually been here for a day (I'm actually only here for four total, kind of a shame) so there is not a great deal else that has happened to me.

In other news, I've become obsessed with the movie "Saw." Freaky goodness. I watched it three times in one week. Oh, and I've gone crazy. The day after my last final I went to Walmart and organized their DVD bin. This is very not healthy. This is all the news in the world of Cindy, though.

Mood: chipper

  2005.04.27  11.50

Ok, one scary paper delayed, one easy paper complete, and one very, very scary paper left to write, pretty much all in one night as I intend to sleep tonight since I stayed up all night last night procrastinating on the easy paper.

And then, after the allnighter for the paper of hell, a thirty hour fast with as many kids. Then the exam from hell. I think that I'm insane.

But at least one paper is down.

Mood: jubilant but exausted

  2005.04.20  10.43
So I think that I know why I'm not fitting in as well here.

So I registered for classes, and in doing so I realized something. For the first time I registered late, and so some classes I wanted had filled up. What is surprising is what classes those are. I tried to sign up for Evidence and Trial Practice, thinking that I really should take it, and it was full. This struck me as just odd, and I think it's led me to why I'm not entirely fitting in here. I'm here to have fun, and everyone else is here for a career. See, at St. John's, everyone was there for fun. If all you cared about was your career why would you go to a school in which you learn a little of everything and nothing in particular. But here--well E/TP is hardly a 'fun' class, it's just something that you should take if you want to be a trial lawyer, I was certainly taking it because I felt that I should, and not because I wanted to. So E/TP was full, and that takes 64 people, and Sexuality and the Law, with a Court of Appeals judge that only takes 12 was still open. I was floored. Everyone is taking what they have to rather than what's interesting. I guess that that is normal and I'm the weird one, but still, isn't that rather sad?

To a certain extent I follow the crowd, I was trying to take E/TP, and I'm taking Federal Public Lands because it's a course I should take for a career in water, but how is it that none of the interesting seminar classes that I signed up for were full? Aside from Sexuality and the law I've got Access to Justice with the Dean, First Amendment Rights, and though I dropped it Peace and Conflict, all of which sound fascinating. And I'm activly avioding Indian Law, which is a bar course in New Mexico. Are people just too busy doing what they are supposed to do to do what they want to do?

I'm almost the poster child for what you should do, avoid drugs, go straight from high school to college to law school, but I'm not sacrificing anything for it, I'm making sure that I have fun doing it. I go out of my way for the interesting but useless classes. I know that I'm not going to have the career that most of my peers have, but I'll have more fun doing it. And I guess I think that that's the goal. And I feel bad for people who take only what they should take for the sake of their careers. But it also means that there are fewer people around who just want to talk for the sake of talking. Le sigh.

Mood: blah

  2005.04.14  10.36

So I've started Eriq on the path to country as those of you who follow his journal already know. Now it's not that I hate all country, just some of the stuff that he's listening to. I feel like a crack dealer, only this time it's not his life at stake, it's his immortal soul. I think that we need an intervention. I'm going to get all his family and friends to confront him, give him talks about what he means to them and how we'd miss him if he went over to the dark side, and then tie him down and force him to listen to MSI for 76 hours straight.

On another interesting music note, I've started listening to goth rock. Part of this is so I can be cool like Deba, as I have oft longed to do. I think that I have picked up several of her mannerisms over the course of my knowing her, and here is something to add to the list. It's funny, in a day and a half se left me with new mucis, and a desire to buy an automatic whip creamer, which I did. I can now do drugs! But I'm such a geek that the real selling point was that I can make chocolate mousse with it, which I did almost immediatly upon opening the box. It's not bad mousse, either. I like my new toy. But I digress. I pick up many things from Deba, but I suppose that I pick up things from everyone. (I think I accidently picked up my dancing tecnique from Eriq. *shudder*) And it's not like I'm slowly trying to become Deba so I can kill her and take over her like or anything. Really it's not. What would give you that idea. That's just silly. You're silly. And I don't know nearly enough Swedish chant to pull off a new Swedish chant fad to sweep the nations as she does, so I'd be found out intstantly. Moving right along. Point is, goth rock. It's fun stuff, adds a great deal to my music in foreign languages collection. And really, any genre that has club mixes of songs in latin has to be cool. I mean I can understand nearly any other language, but latin...? It's a dead language! Until, of course, it was revitalized by the throbbing beats of a good synth.

I've been flooded with good new music of late, and I'm very happy. I've bought several new CDs, and my new friend Alberto made me two good mix CDs, and, perhaps most importantly, I've been singing a lot of karaoke. First thing that I do upon sitting down in the karaoke bar is whip out a pencil and start writing down the songs that I like for further listening later. I come home with 10-20 new songs a session. Granted, only about three of those ever really take and become Cindy-favorites, but still, it's a lot more that I usually get. I try to sing obscure songs, too, thus letting people discover new songs through me too. And I only sing guy songs, which is odd, I know. But I like it.

I find that I really do like pretty much all kinds of music. I like the mainstream stuff, I like country, I like metal, I like classical, I like musicals. Everytime I think that there is a genre that I don't like I find an exception to it that draws me in deeper, like Big & Rich, though I'm not in so deep as to like Darryl Woolry. I've decided to be forth coming about this fact, too. My friend Alberto, who is kind of a music elitist, was horrified when I was reminded of an Avril Lavigne song by something, but I've decided that I'm not going to apologize for such weaknesses on my part. Music is really good stuff.

Oh, on a completely unrelated note, what does "foshizzle my nizzle" actually mean? I've always wondered. I'm slipping into ebonics, but not very well. Giving Deba directions to my place I told her to take the Carlizzle exit--but damn it, there really is an S in there that could be pronounced like a Z! You can't tell whether I'm intentionally street talking, or just undeucated, which is guess is like street talking unintentionally.

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  2005.03.29  09.48
You know what I like about having guests?

All the stuff I get. And no, I don't mean the birthday prestents and stuff like that, though I certainly do appriciate that, I mean that stuff that I inheret because people leave it behind. I made out like a bandit this time, too. I am now the proud possessor of

1. A black turtleneck
2. A black pair of men's socks
3. A black umbrella (black is the new orange, you know)
and the creme de la creme
4. A copy of Katamashi Damacy.

Thanks guys. I'll enjoy them all.

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  2005.03.25  11.00
For the record...

I just want it recorded for posterity that last night I, Laura Cynthia Dabney, and my associates Edward Wayne Kovsky and Sarah Renee Boardman, put one Eriq Allen Baldwin into the trunk of my car and backed into things.

That is all.

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  2005.03.23  10.37
I don't think that I'm sober yet.

So it's funny to publish when y'all are all here visiting me, but since Zecher said recently that he thinks that I'm fairly good about posting (more the fool him) I feel a certain obligation to try and live up to that. I'm sure that it'll pass soon. I think that this is more a question of it beats reading for my water law class at the moment.

So, to ground you in where we are in the week that you guys visited me, Gus should be at the airport even now--having woken me up late for work this morning by asking me what time it was in French. I'm still feeling a little tipsy (sorry, Mom, this is not normal, really, you raised me better than that) because we, after getting very drunk for our last night together, decided to watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle at three am. I'm begining to question the wisdom of that. Call me crazy.

But I hope that a low key night full of sleeping and not drinking is to follow tonight. Chances are that that'll be followed by another high key night, knowing us.

But I would like to raise a toast to all my friends--Christian, atheist, and Jooish alike. Y'all rock. I'm having an exausting blast.

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  2005.03.01  12.45
My karaoke cup runneth over

So I complained a few posts ago that I never got to sing karaoke. This has changed. I sang myself hoarse this weekend. Huzzah for finally meeting people who want to sing with me. Not only that, they knew of a great venue which has more songs than ever I have run across before. It had about 20 Robbie Willliams songs, of which I had previously found only one place with one one song. It has "boys in the hood" by Dynamite Hack. And perhaps most impressive, it has "Tangerine Speedo" by Caviar. I am very happy.

In other news, I've been working and studying. That's not a whole lot of fun. But I am looking forward to spring break--friends from all over the country, college and high school friends alike, are flying in to celebrate my birthday. Whenever I get a little bummed about not having made many really close friends at the law school I can remember that I still have half a dozen friends who are actually willing to shell out for a plane ticket to come see me. Y'all rock. Especially Eddie, who rocks like a bagel.

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  2005.02.11  09.47

So I haven't had a moment to myself in several days. Not that I've been doing bad things, mind you. Most of the estra time that I'm spending I can bill to West (my boss is in town, so yesterday and today, any time that I'm not in class, I'm dealing with 1L training) and Wednesday night, joy of joys, I went out and played duplicate bridge with Shelby. I really need to do something about that. The bridge was hela-fun, even though we came in dead last, and I can't wait to play again week after next (he has to get a haircut next Wednesday. No lie. I thought that that kind of excuse was reserved for us chicks.) but I think that I'm still sitting on a little fantasy that there is something else there. He so smart, and funny, and such a cutie. Oh well. I'm glad to have a friend here in any event.

On a more joyous note, not that birdge wasn't joyous, I have money again! What with poor planning I think that these last few weeks are the longest that I've gone without at least a little something in my bank account. I went out and blew $150 last night in honor of this occasion. It would have been more interesting, though, if that hadn't been pretty much entirely devoted to groceries.

Oh, and I read a book that I loved. Actually, I confess that I saw the movie and loved it so much that I had to go out and read the book. It's a little dated, but still a good read, called "Gentlemen's Agreement." All about anti-semitism in the 40's, very interesting. Makes a person examine their own unconcious predjudices. But I decided that Gus doesn't count.

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  2005.01.28  11.00

Eriq, start hugging people, I think that this guy may be for real!


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